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On this page are case studies of mortgage professionals and mortgage business owners we have worked with over the years.

Some are in their first year of business, others are 20-year veterans. Some are solo-operators, others have teams of over a dozen staff. Some write $2M per month in loans, others do $20M+. The common theme to getting results is clear:

They all made the decision to invest in their business. They all take our advice. They all take action.

If you are ready for next-level growth in your mortgage business, and are an action taker, we'd love to help you accelerate and get results like this too.

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We encourage you to watch the videos below for inspiration and to see what's possible when everyday mortgage professionals ask for help, join the 10X Mastermind... and take serious action.

Do we guarantee everyone will get results like this? No, we can't. Because your ability to get results like our members will depend almost exclusively on the one thing we cannot control: You.

What we advise is proven to work. It's up to you to make it work. Our motto for success is:


Alex McRae. Sydney, Australia.  

Owns 3 x ANZ Mobile Lending Franchises. He hit a flat spot and was confused about his model and team roles. 10X helped him streamline systems, settle consistent high volumes with less staff, and focus on driving the business more effectively.

Parth Shah. Melbourne, Australia.  

Within 9 months of joining our 10X Mastermind, Parth increased volume 200% while cutting work hours 25%. With a clear process and support he now writes $7-9M+ a month and has a solid plan to double that again.

Chris Gillis and JJ Fiasson. Sydney, Australia.  

In the last 18 months, Chris and JJ have taken their business from averaging $2.5M to now writing $10M+ per month. They have recently added two full-time brokers to their team, and have installed efficient processes to get more done in less time.

Richard Khuong. Sydney, Australia.  

An MPA Young Gun who settled more in the last quarter than he did in the entire last financial year. 10X helps Richard focus and get the answers and strategic advice he needs to build his business fast.

Adil Rahman. Ontario, Canada.

Went from closing 2-3 deals a month to closing 15-20 deals every month in just 2-years. Adil used the advice, training and support in THE10XBROKER and grew his business 1000%, literally 10X.

Jeff Kerwin. Hamilton, New Zealand.  

Jeff and his business partner set a very ambitious goal, which they thought was unachievable. We helped break this goal down and supported them through every step. In their first 6-months of 10X they hit every target towards reaching this 'unachievable' goal.

Stephen McClatchie. Melbourne, Australia.  

An MPA Top 100 broker, whose settlements jumped 30% in just 12-months, and is now building his team to hit $200M+. 10X gives Stephen access to world-class strategies in a simple, fast and systemised way.

Beryl Colley. Lower Hutt, New Zealand.  

Was stuck and getting complacent after 17 years in the industry. 10X opened her to a world of new ideas and industry connections. Beryl has gone from old-school to implementing a fully online and automated marketing and client follow-up system in a matter of months using the 10X strategies.

Aaron Whybrow. Sydney, Australia.

Has been in the mortgage industry 6-years. After joining 10X, his submissions almost tripled in just 6-months. Aaron loves the specific tools, community and advisors he can learn from and share ideas with.

Jane Slack-Smith. Melbourne, Australia.

A multi-award-winning broker who implemented James' Fee-For-Service strategies. That specific program gave Jane a step-by-step process to add tens of thousands in revenue to her business... while increasing client outcomes, satisfaction and stickyness.

John, Ross and David. Event attendees.

They all loved the open, trusting community of mortgage professionals. All taking valuable time out of their businesses to be inspired, share best-practice... and learn strategies and tactics they weren't aware of. Nobody knows it all.

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Financial Certainty. Serious Impact. Absolute Freedom.

Financial Certainty. Serious Impact. Absolute Freedom.